Urban Barnyard has been erased. Somehow I managed to violate my terms of agreement and have now lost all of my posts. After mourning my loss (these posts are a journal of sorts), I decided a fresh start is not such a bad thing. Urban Barnyard didn’t really describe my life as I had once thought it would, God has lead in other directions over the last few years and barnyard life has not been the end result.

So, in starting a new blog I asked myself what is at the heart of life right now? And in one quick flash pictures of laundry, dishes, correction, medications, tube feedings, toys thrown about, meals, grocery lists, etc etc  came swarming my mind and then quietly this quote I read by Elizabeth Elliot:

“The story is told of three women washing clothes. A passerby asked each what she was doing. ‘Washing clothes’ was the first answer. ‘ A bit of household drudgery’ was the second. ‘ I’m mothering three young children, who one day will fill important and useful spheres in life, and wash day is part of my grand task in caring for these souls who shall live forever’ was the third. Ordinary work, which is what most of us do most of the time, is ordained by God every bit as much as the extraordinary. All work done for God is Spiritual work and therefor not merely a duty, but a holy privilege.”

This blog will be venting grounds of authenticity  as I learn to embrace my life, my holy privilege. Join me, bear with me, and excuse me,  as I let “it all hang out.”

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2 Responses to Erased

  1. Julie Fisher says:

    I find it a privilege just knowing you. I feel so elated being given the opportunity to read your blogs. I agree that they are more a journal of sorts, and I get to read what’s going on in your mind. You are such a beautiful person and an inspiration to me to be a better person. Thank you for your friendship, and thank you for sharing yourself.

  2. beautiful post, girl. have you read, The quotidian mysteries: laundry, liturgy, and “women’s work” By Kathleen Norris? amazing, quick read that reflects your heart exactly.

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