From Beginning to End

It is no secret that I am not computer savvy.  So no one will be surprised to know that these pictures are supposed to be in chronological order, however I can not figure out how to move them.  Since they did not post  in the order I uploaded them and I can’t seem to move them,  you get the privelege of figuring it out yourself. If I wait until I learn how to do this, I may never post again. Thankfully, I am not a perfectionist,  and it is not a trial for me to post them out of order, it is a bit frustrating, but hey that’s life, right? Here is post one of twenty… “the beginning.”

Saying goodbye.

We didn't seem him again until 11/2009 when he arrived at our home.

He came with 2 shirts, a pair of pants, and a heart ready to explore

We learned he loves to be thrown in the air the first day. One of his first words was "up please."

When he came he could barely crawl from the one end of the crib to the other. He could not talk. But he had a smile like no other.

January 2009 Meeting Isaiah for the first time.

This was his home. His life crib to chair to crib to chair...

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