Why keep a blog…

when you never use it? I keep asking myself this. The only answer that I have is that I WANT to use it and enjoy it when I do.

Life won’t always be this busy and overwhelming (right?). Pregnancy always throws a loop into my routine and schedule. Time management goes out the door and survival settles in for the long haul and guilt settles right along with it. The kids watch way too many movies while I lay on the floor and groan, trying to keep down whatever I managed to get in my mouth before I laid down. They spend a lot of time alone while mom says, “I can’t do that right now.” It feels like a hardship, but I know it really isn’t.  Fast food becomes a regular part of our day, since cooking and food prep can send me over the edge, not too mention standing too long makes me puke. Some days are better then others, but overall life stays simple, because I CAN’T do anything more than simple.

Unfortunately blogging does not land in that “simple” category. It takes time, energy, brain cells all of which I am short on these days.

And so I vent and give a small update, only to say you may not hear from me again until May of 2011 when our latest addition will be here and settled and hopefully my stomach will be too.

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