The countdown

It is only ten days until my guess date, the count down begins for the new baby to join us. While we wait and carry on with life I am able to reflect on the kindness of God and the gift of this pregnancy. His mercy evident every day I did not throw up; every day I could say “I feel great” and mean it; every day my belly stayed small and weight did not pour on; every day I have been able to prepare for showings of our home with minimal difficulty. What GRACE!  With every trial I believe He produces Holiness, in this pregnancy He has produced gratitude. I am so very thankful for this gift. I am blessed.

Now if the labor and delivery would go so well…

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One Response to The countdown

  1. Candy Yost says:

    I can’t believe that you are having another little one! you must be amazing parents to handle what you do! We miss you and hope you are all doing well! Thanks so much for being your partners in ministry. God is doing so many amazing things in the Pacific! We are thrilled and excited to be a part of what God is doing. Love you lots!!! Candy

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